In the past 20 years Height Specialists has proven to be the most reliable (international) partner for placing large canvases in hard to reach places. Our approach ensures minimum disruption to the surroundings and a safe working environment.


The activities that we can perform for you are very diverse. In addition to mounting large (advertising) canvases, we also carry out promotional activities, such as a spectacular opening of your business premises, product presentations and/or stunts.

Responding quickly and efficiently

Because we have a large team of highly trained professionals and experienced project managers, we can respond quickly. We specialise in complex and multidisciplinary projects, also when time constraints or very strict regulations are involved. We are able to take the work off your hands completely and organise the work from A to Z.

Latest projects

  • XL banner project

    XL banner project
    Wat? Periodically replace XL canvas on the facade Waar? A location along the A13 Hoe? The shape of the building and the busy car park underneath make fixing canvases by means of Rope Access a logical choice. In this way, the canvases are attached quicker and safer than when using a crane or aerial work platform.
  • Replacing letters on a building

    Replacing letters on a building
    Wat? Replacing lettering and maintenance Waar? Various locations in the Netherlands Hoe? An international hotel chain has started a rebranding project. Part of this is the replacement of the lettering on the hotel premises. In some buildings, the lettering is located in inaccessible places for, for example, aerial work platforms. At those locations we replace the lettering using Rope Access methods. At the same time, we perform some maintenance by painting the affected areas.

Our Divisions

We provide people, knowledge, materials and skills in various fields and industries. Safety is our top priority in everything we do.