Civil & Infrastructure

With over 10 years’ experience within the industry not a single civilian or infrastructural challenge is too big. The use of Rope Access methods allows us to access hard to reach places relatively easy and efficiently. The result: optimal safety and minimal disruption and/or temporary decommissioning.


The activities that we can perform for you are very diverse and range from window cleaning and painting (in hard to reach places) to complex maintenance projects. We work mainly in residential areas, shopping centres, industrial and infrastructural objects.

Responding quickly and efficiently

Because we have a large team of highly trained professionals and experienced project managers, we can respond quickly. We specialise in complex and multidisciplinary projects, also when time constraints or very strict regulations are involved. We are able to take the work off your hands completely and organise the work from A to Z.

Latest projects

  • Atrium window cleaning project

    Atrium window cleaning project
    Wat? Cleaning the glass roof of the atrium Waar? Government building in The Hague Hoe? The atrium houses art and trees. Because of this, and in order to keep the inconvenience for the staff to a minimum, it was not possible to use scaffolding. Working in both day shifts and night shifts with Rope Access caused minimal disruption. In addition, we were able to ensure a brilliant result in a very short time.
  • Window cleaning installation project

    Window cleaning installation project
    Wat? Making it watertight Waar? Amsterdam Hoe? There was a leak in the building’s window cleaning installation. Because of the underground car park, it was not possible to use an aerial work platform. Using Rope Access methods we removed all rails, waterproofed everything underneath and finally replaced all rails. As one of the parties involved, we did a lot of work on the preparations in reaching the best possible solution for this complex project.
  • Railway viaduct project

    Railway viaduct project
    Wat? Cleaning and impregnating Waar? Rotterdam Hoe? We cleansed and impregnated the concrete rail bridge to prevent decay of the concrete. Since the power to the overhead lines had to be turned off our large and flexible team managed to get the job done during night shifts. The HSL could adhere to its normal timetable without any problems.

Our Divisions

We provide people, knowledge, materials and skills in various fields and industries. Safety is our top priority in everything we do.