Energy & Renewables

Our team of experts has extensive experience working on plants that generate both traditional and new energy. The use of Rope Access methods allows us to access hard to reach places relatively easy. This saves you a lot of lead time in implementing the project.


The activities that we can perform for you are very diverse. We can perform various types of maintenance and inspections in places such as:

  • Power plants
  • Coal plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Wind mills


Drone inspections

We increasingly use (highly efficient) drone inspections in conjunction with Rope Access methods when working at energy-producing plants.

Responding quickly and efficiently

Because we have a large team of highly trained professionals and experienced project managers, we can respond quickly. We specialise in complex and multidisciplinary projects, also when time constraints or very strict regulations are involved. We are able to take the work off your hands completely and organise the work from A to Z.

Our Divisions

We provide people, knowledge, materials and skills in various fields and industries. Safety is our top priority in everything we do.