Marine & Offshore

With our head office located near Rotterdam and branches in Dubai and Lagos the link to our offshore and marine projects is made quickly. We have spent a considerable amount of time working on assignments on the water and have gained extensive experience.


The activities that we can perform for you are very diverse. Our professionals can perform various types of maintenance, such as painting vessels or maintaining ship cranes. But we can just as easily carry out a detailed inspection of a platform for you.

Responding quickly and efficiently

Because we have a large team of highly trained professionals and experienced project managers, we can respond quickly. Our team is ready for you in no time, anywhere in the world! We are able to take the work off your hands completely and organise the work from A to Z.

Latest projects

  • Helideck project

    Helideck project
    Wat? Applying a coating to the helipad of a jack-up platform Waar? Shipyard Hoe? Because of cantilever maintenance, the helipad of the platform was located above the water. Due to the rapid deployment of our professionals, Rope Access methods were used to apply the new coating to the helideck within two weeks so that the platform could be used double-quick on a new project in international waters.
  • Transformer platform project

    Transformer platform project
    Wat? Spot repair and painting work Waar? German part of the North Sea Hoe? We carried out the last piece of work on a new transformer platform in the centre of a wind farm before it was put into operation. We were able to start quickly and in two shifts we made sure the work was done properly and quick.

Our Divisions

We provide people, knowledge, materials and skills in various fields and industries. Safety is our top priority in everything we do.