HSE Culture Height Specialists

As Height Specialists we want to be recognized as the leader in the area of safety, as an example to our branch. An organization in which you feel safe and where safety is mentioned together with result, service and quality.

Height Specialists is committed to safeguarding the health and physical well-being of its employees and contractors, ensuring the safety and security of its impact on our environment.
We strive for an open culture in which everybody feels safe enough to say whatever they feel or think. Together, we are  responsible for the HSE-policy and culture within the company. We have a shared responsibility to take this HSE policy seriously and look for continuous improvement and growth.

An important next step is the development of safer behavior and awareness of all employees.
Only if you and I dare to work more open and in a more collaborate way, the organization can realize this next necessary step.

It is how we think about safety, about how we discuss safety and most of all how we behave ourselves.
Everybody in the company has the responsibility to prevent injury to themselves and their fellow workers. This all to contribute together to the preservation of the environment in which we operate.

Therefore I expect you to:

•    Follow the rules, procedures and instructions
•    Intervene when people are at risk
•    Show respect for each other and our environment

As General manager of Height Specialists I am committed to enable us to achieve these objectives.
Bergschenhoek, 01-01-2017

Henri Hoogenes