Key values

Our key values help us make certain choices. They are essentially the yardstick against which we constantly measure our conduct. This applies both to ourselves and to our partners in business and our clients. This enables us to build long-term relationships with one another and be sure of achieving the goals that have been set.


Professionalism within the High Specialists extends beyond merely performing our work in a professional way. This professionalism is also reflected within organisation and forms part of the basis for our work.


Safe working is a prerequisite for High Specialists’ existence. Both when performing our work and within the organisation we strive to create a safe climate in which everyone feel safe enough to let their guard down.


Within Height Specialists we strive for long-term relationships in which collaboration is essential. Collaboration to all layers within the organisation, obviously, but also collaboration with our partners in business and clients.


Height Specialists wants to continually develop as an organisation. This development starts with the employees, whereby we invest in the development of individual competencies. Alongside these individual competencies we also work continuously on improvements within the entire organisation.